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Step into the World of a Broadcasting Pioneer

Step into the world of Charles Reece Gaddy, a broadcasting pioneer whose journey began in the small town of Biscoe, North Carolina. 

WRAL 1970's

Good Morning Charlie was a 30-minute morning call-in show with studio audience hosted by Charlie Gaddy on WRAL in the 1970’s. This episode features country star Jimmy Dean dropping by the studio and talking with Charlie and viewers on the call-in line.

WRAL 2003

WRAL’s Bill Leslie hosts a 30-minute special telecast celebrating the Centennial anniversary of the first flight by the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC. Includes historical footage, interviews with historians, park officials and a man whose father became the first licensed aviator in North Carolina.

WRAL 1987 // news

Female anchor on set with Charlie and top and bottom to wrap around remote interview by Charlie with Walter Cronkite out at Intercoastal Waterway. Cronkite discssses Sailing, NC History, Environment, and visit to Normandy with Eisenhower. B-roll footage of Lost Colony show, Coastline, TV Technology, and Gaddy visit to English port.

WRAL 1994 // news

Behind the scenes at WRAL-TV with Anchor Charlie Gaddy preparing that day’s newscast. This 1994 special refers to Charlie’s upcoming retirement on July 1st at age 63 after 24 years at WRAL.

WRAL 1971 // musical

A musical special hosted by WRAL anchor Charlie Gaddy. Charlie sing several songs and also welcomes Joyce Hawley, Slim Short and the Four Crown Singers backed by the Roy Palmer Orchestra. Songs include: Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright, Your Cheating Heart, Jambalya, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, King of the Road, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Gentle on My Mind, Happy Heart, Turn Around (includes film of Charlie with young child), Chantilly Lace, If I Were a Carpenter and For The Good Times. 

WRAL 1971 // musical

Christmas Special hosted by Charlie Gaddy as he is joined by the Britt Brothers (4 brothers) from his hometown of Biscoe. Charlie sings several songs with group and group performs several songs alone. Charlie conducts brief interviews with group in between songs.

WRAL 1986 //Documentary profile

WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy hosts a special on the life and career of singer, actress and television host Kate Smith who spent her final days in Raleigh. Special includes historical footage, movie clips and segments from various network television shows and specials featuring Kate Smith.

WRAL 1987 // news, live event

WRAL’s Live coverage of 400th Anniversary Celebration ceremony in Manteo hosted by WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy and Jilly Carter from SW England news. The telecast was also fed via satellite to England. Includes remarks by various public officials and Princess Anne of Great Britain.

WRAL 1985 // news special

WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy welcomes CBS anchor Dan Rather at the Raleigh airport and takes him for a drive around Raleigh to the State Farmer’s Market where Rather interacts with local residents. They then return to the airport as Rather departs in a private jet.

WRAL 1976 // documentary

WRAL anchor Charlie Gaddy hosts a documentary profile of the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh after the completion of major renovations to the house.
Charlie along with First Lady Pat Holshouser take viewers on a walking tour of the inside of the mansion.

WRAL 1988 // news special

A WRAL Special Report: The Wake of the Tornado. (starts 3:30 into video) WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy anchors a series of reports reviewing the devasting tornados that swept across North Carolina resulting in 44 fatalities. Includes archival footage, interviews with residents, and a meteorological recap from Greg Fishel. (file includes commercials that aired)

WRAL 1988 // News

Airchecks of WRAL newscasts following devasting tornadoes of March 28, 1984 that caused extensive damage in North Raleigh. Features WRAL newscasters Charlie Gaddy, Donna Gregory, Bill Leslie, Stuart Scott, and Renee McCoy along with meteorologists Greg Fishel and Bob Debardelaben. (file includes local commercials)

WRAL 1984 // news special

WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy hosts this special report produced in the wake of the devasting tornadoes of March 28, 1984. Charlie heads down east to review damage, report on re-building efforts, and offer important safety tips on actions to take in the event of a tornado.

WRAL 1996 // special

Special telecast hosted by David Crabtree and Pam Saulsby looks back on 40 years of broadcasting from WRAL-TV. Provides the story of the station’s birth, history, growth and public service. Includes comments for Senator Jesse Helm and former anchors and hosts.

WRAL 1994 // news

WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy and Adele Arakawa lead this 1994 newscast with the announcement that WRAL will be switching affiliation to CBS in the fall. The story includes comments from the station and CBS executives, along with Charles Kuralt, and features a satellite interview with Dan Rather.

WRAL 1994 // news

WTVD news anchor Larry Stogner leads the evening news with the announcement that Capital Cities, WTVD’s parent company has acquired the ABC Television Network and that WTVD will be switching from CBS to ABC in the fall. 


WRAL anchor Charlie Gaddy takes viewers to the original North Carolina State Capitol building. Provides history and a tour of building. Includes coverage of a special ceremony designating the building as a National Historic site with address by Governor Holshouser.

WRAL 1984 // documentary

As part of the 400th Celebration of the first landing in North Carolina, WRAL anchor Charlie Gaddy travels to Plymouth in Southwest England and visits with Fred Brimican, a fisherman still working the trade in this seaside city.

WRAL 1995 // Feature

WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy discusses a segment he wrote for a book that features the artistic works of William Mangum. Charlie wrote a segment about life in Biscoe, NC. The book also features segments written by Lee Kinard and CJ Underwood.

WRAL 1985 // Special Event

ABC/Local Station special exploring issue of racism in America. Ted Koppel hosts a national desk with local links in Minneapolis, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, and Washington. DC and Raleigh. Charlie Gaddy of WRAL hosts a group of citizens in the old State Capitol and leads a local segment of a national telecast and then follows with an additional 30 minutes of local discussion on the issue.

WRAL 1991 // event coverage

A recording of a special event in North Raleigh Hilton banquet hall in which many former colleques and friends honor WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy for his years of service while also celebrating his 60th birthday.

WRAL 1971 // Program Elements

A segment from the Charlie Gaddy Show that features Charlie conducting a satellite interview with Joy Piccolo, widow of Brian Piccolo. Piccolo’s story was to be featured in upcoming ABC Movie of the Week: Brian’s Song.

WRAL 1986 // News Special

A news special produced at the WRAL studio with WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy moderating. Concerned citizens met in a town hall style meeting with a panel of experts discussing the ramifications of granting a permit for C,P&L to continue with putting the Shearon-Harris Nuclear Power Plant on line.

WRAL 2010 // Proposal/Profile

WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy narrates a video proposal to produce a documentary on the life of Dr. LeRoy Walker of Durham, President of the U.S. Olympic Committee and former Olympic coach. Charlie tells of the life and accomplishments of Dr. Walker.

WRAL 1988 // News Special

WRAL’s Charlie Gaddy hosts this half-hour WRAL documentary titled Troubled Waters: Save Our Sounds that explores environmental issues impaction the Pamlico Sound and residents that make their living off the waters of the sound.

WRAL // Tribute

Video elements include a video tribute to WRAL’s Chalie Gaddy from Dennis James, a musical retrospective of Charlie’s work with UCP and the telethon. Also has an audio tribute from Willard Scott and ends with video tribute by Governor Jim Hunt

WRAL 1994 // News

Aircheck of WRAL News at 5pm with Charlie Gaddy and Pam Saulsby. Charlie is live from hometown of Biscoe, NC where the Save Our School initiative is underway. Newcast also covers kickoff of ACC Tournament in Charlotte and aircheck includes contemporary commericals that aired in newscast.

WRAL // Tribute

Video elements include a video tribute to WRAL’s Chalie Gaddy from Dennis James, a musical retrospective of Charlie’s work with UCP and the telethon. Also has an audio tribute from Willard Scott and ends with video tribute by Governor Jim Hunt

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