Dr. James Caron
Dr. James Carson

James Carson experienced the excitement of broadcasting in high school helping a friend whose family-owned funeral home produced a live Sunday morning radio show on WFPM in Fort Valley, Georgia. The call letters WFPM, stood for the World’s Finest Peach Market. The weekly radio program featured the reading of obituaries with live gospel singers in a fifteen-minute program.

After high school, James spent two years at Fort Valley State College, then two years in the Army followed by working in a factory where he made good money. At the encouragement of family, he returned to school earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education. He then went on to earn his PhD in Adult Education from Ohio State University.

With a PhD, Dr. Carson held a number of jobs in higher education eventually moving to North Carolina and Fayetteville State University where he assisted the University to upgrade their 10 watt campus radio station to a powerhouse 100,000 watt FM signal.

When a commercial radio frequency outside of his University duties became available, he applied, with little or no hope of obtaining the license. Carson had no prior ownership experience and was competing against six other applicants, some of which were experienced licensees with deep pockets.

Beating all odds he was awarded the license and built WCCG FM 104.5, The Hip Hop Station. WCCG continues today featuring the best in Hip Hop music, coupled with a strong line-up of gospel music and performers on Sunday mornings just like he experienced in high school at WFPM.

Through his vision, skill and determination, Dr. James Carson has became the most successful minority-owned broadcast operator in our state.

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